Ahh, sorry, I get a little more… open at night, so I sometimes start talking about dumb shit. Please pay me no mind, ha ha. ^^;

Yumichika’s characterization in fanfics is something I have a lot of feelings about, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been disappointed by how it’s handled.


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what are ur favourite yaoi sounds


  1. choose one: working as the security guard in five nights at freddy’s or venture into your own personal silent hill SILENT HILL. Five Night’s At Freddy’s is like half my childhood fears rolled into one and I am NOT dealing with that shit.
  2. what’s your favorite kind of pizza? Cheese.
  3. your eyes now change color (schlera, pupil shape/color, and iris) what do you change them to? Can I just have like, really super pretty, vibrant green eyes? Like, regular human eyes, just the prettiest green you can imagine.
  4. if you could choose any show to have another season or a spinoff what would it be and why? You know, there are a lot, but I think if I had the power, I would give Ouran the second season it deserves. That would be amazing.
  5. what’s your least favorite movie and why? Well, I don’t know about least favorite, but one that’s always guranteed to piss me off is Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. I have always hated that movie, and the song, and just… can I pleeease erase its very existence?
  6. what’s one memory from your childhood that you remember vividly to this day? Um… dunno about vivid. I have scattered memories from across my childhood, but I don’t think any of them are vivid. Ah, well, actually… I remember once I got sick during class in third grade. No real warning or anything, just kind of happened. It was just after one o’clock, when lunch ended. I remember for a long time afterwards when that hour rolled around I would lok at the clock and nervously wait to see if it would happen again(I think I even still do it sometimes now). It was uh, quite traumatizing, and I really wish I could just let it go once and for all. >_>;
  7. create the biggest, dumbest, most hilariously impractical weapon ever Hmm… a very ornately-designed berserker with a ball and chain attached to the hilt? Like, comically large, and bedazzled to the max.
  8. what is the worst fanfic you’ve ever read? Oh lord, too many. Um… I don’t know if I’ve ever found one I could deem the worst, but recently I did read one that was going fine until the characters took such a startling turn into OOCness and stereotypical garbage that I spent a good amount of time afterwards raging about how pissed off it made me. Though really, I’ve a got a whole arsenal of bad fic experiences to choose from.
  9. what’s the best worst movie you’ve watched? Most movies like that only hurt my brain, but I’m guessing either The Room or Foodfight!? I don’t know, honestly.
  10. what’s your guilty pleasure (movie, tv series, cartoon, book)? Does the 4Kids One Piece dub count? Because uh… yeah. ^^;
  11. your two favorite characters are now parents, how do they handle raising a child? I guess that means Hakkai and Yumichika? Um… well, given Hakkai is good with kids, and Yumichika has probably had to take care of Yachiru a lot, I think the issue would be more how they would handle each other, ha ha. ^^;

I’m uh, not so good at coming up with questions, so do you mean if I skip that part? Sorry. ^^;

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holy shit


holy shit


A wild Corgi is spotted in his natural habitat that is a snow-fallen Cleveland, Ohio


A wild Corgi is spotted in his natural habitat that is a snow-fallen Cleveland, Ohio


Tim Burton presents Tim Burton’s Burton: The Tim Burton Story, a film by Tim Burton.

Starring Johnny Depp as Tim Burton, and Helena Bonham Carter as Johnny Depp.




more tamakyo because i’m trash. (more ouran text post edits)

Masaya Matsukaze - Tsumetai Yoru (Chilly Night)
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Kyouya’s song is really nice. It really fits his character. And I’m not complimenting it just because he’s my favorite guy character, I’m being totally honest. X3